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Our mission at Cool Springs Consulting is to provide a full range of automation and controls engineering services to ensure reliable, safe, and efficient operation of your automation process.

We will bring our extensive expertise to bear on every phase of your project.  Let us worry about the details of your project so you can focus on your plant or process.


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We got our start in automation working in the United States unmanned space program over 20 years ago.  Come learn a little about who we are and see how experience earned in the high stakes world of space launch will help you in your industry...
From control system specification and design, through implementation, testing, and documentation, to failure analysis and commissioning, see what we can offer to help you get your project completed and working exactly the way you need it to...
We are growing and we are looking for confident, capable, committed team members to help us provide unmatched automation and control services to our clients.  Come see if our opportunities match your qualifications...

You demand excellence.  We make it happen.